Friday, March 04, 2011

Idol review- Top 24 results

So I was watching American Idol last night & I was actually trembling as the results are being said! This is the first time I watched a results show in the actual time it aired so there were no spoilers whatsoever. Here's my 2 cents.

  • Scotty deserved that spot. We need a country guy this year with that low voice! Pia & Lauren, of course they earned that first two spots for the ladies!
  • Jacob & Casey= no doubt. I just dont know why they had to line Tim Halperin up with them. I love that guy. He didn't get through:(
  • Karen landing in the top 13. I wasn't expecting. Thia, our pride made it through! Im so proud of her.
  • Paul was wearing the floral jacket & he made it through! Lucky charm. He needs to skip Idol & just make an album already. Haley also got in. I didn't like that decision, America. James was the last one who got the spot for the guys. Well- deserved I must say.
  • Wild card round= I loved it when Randy called Ashthon to sing & she stood up like nobody's business, she was like F*** YEAH AMERICA IM NOT GOING. I love this girl, im rooting for her all the way. She's like Beyonce 2.0! I was shocked Lauren Turner didnt get to sing:( I was pleased with Naima singing too! And both these girls were chosen! Love. For the guys, it's Stefano...I could see why they like him, but I prefer my Tim Halperin over anyone any day. Btw, why did they choose Robbie & Jovany to sing? WTF? They're ood but Tim is way better! Im sounding all biased now. I love the final decision:)