Friday, July 23, 2010

Picture spam- Summer Inspirations

Haven't been blogging lately. I've been preoccupied with this thing called work, haha. Anyway just wanna let u know that we have moved to an apartment already! It's cozy and I know it's enough for us. Thank God for this.

Why don't I post something cool? Alrighty. Since it's summer in this side of the world, here are some summery photos.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010


Here's a list man, brace yourselves.
  • I miss my nanay and lola (grandmoms) and everyone back home. Hope they're safe and ok.
  • I miss my friends.
  • I miss riding the LRT.
  • I miss riding jeepneys.
  • I miss walking at thatwobbly EDSA Taft bridge.
  • I miss our house.
  • I miss doing radio- or even listening to Philippine radio stations.
  • I miss those tiny bits of inspiration from celebrities. Makes sense?
  • I miss Thea.
  • I miss going to SM Manila with no money in my pocket. Broke ass.
  • I miss some things that I NEVER HAD, and people I'VE NEVER MET.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Caught up.

I promised myself that I will blog so here you go.

411? Okay so my big fat baby brother (whom I love dearly to the utmost) just went to summer camp, it's gonna be until August 15. I am not happy about that at all, but the thing is, he's gonna earn money out of it, because he's gonna work! It will pay off big time I tell you. He's with my uncle, I hope they both get along great though. I DON'T EVER WANT HIM TO GO THERE AGAIN.

Work? Ummm, it's fine, it's not like I have a problem with it but since we're moving out the house to an apartment, might as well tell my supervisor that I kind of need some adjustments with my shifts. I pray to God that she won't have a problem w/ it or anything.

How's life? Social life you mean or just life? I DON'T HAVE A SOCIAL LIFE. I'm fine with that, but I know I gotta make friends. I've been thinking about it lately. I know it's great, it will soon be better once we finally establish:)