Thursday, December 31, 2009


This 2009 I've been blessed beyond belief, and now that it’s closing, it’s just fitting to say that I am thankful for every blessing God gave me and my family. Without him I’d be nothing. 2010 coming baby. Let’s all pray for our intentions that they may all come true and yes let’s all have fun tonight with the parties and the dinner. Keep safe with the fireworks and whatnot and don’t forget to say shabba!!! (A word I got from Sarah & Vicky- you dolls rock! I had a fun talk with you a while ago. *smiles*)

Happy new year to all and once again, shabba!!!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Yearender blog 2009.

Here’s my list for 09memories, inspired by a trending topic on twitter.

Back in January, I was able to go to Star City again for a requirement in school. I was like a kid again.

It was February when my mom underwent thyroidectomy, we stayed in Makati Med for a week and I remember crying me eyes out because I couldn’t filter my emotions, thank God my mom’s doing fantastic now.

I went to audition for a radio program with my best friend back in March. Unfortunately we weren’t able to make it. I felt bad at first but it was definitely worth going for.

Summer of this year we went to Antipolo for swimming. It was awesome.

I applied as a student jock for Mellow 94.7’s student program, this time I was able to pass. I met new friends, I learned the basics of radio, I was able to get some party favors and movie premiere passes courtesy of the station. So yeah, it was a dream come true for me. By the way, I was able to board 3 times, that meaning I was able to go on-air and played music.

I switched sections for first semester sophomore year. I gained new friends, I learned a lot that semester.

I was able to go places this year! Boystown in Marikina was amazing, Cainta and all the east cities of Metro Manila I was able to pass. I was able to go to Manaoag, Pangasinan with my family for a holy trip back in May and also in Novaliches where SHE lives hahaha I tell you it’s pretty far.

This year I also met *toot*. Do you know why I don’t ever mention his name? It’s because I have this fear that you might think I’m demented. Even though we had a short time of knowing each other, I am sure that we built something there, I even felt something there (I’m sure he did too) BROMANCE MUCH? No way man! Even though I’m a straight guy who’s comfortable with my sexuality, I kind of imagined things but oh well, things happen and I know now who’s the one girl I’m going for and I’m sure. There was a promise, there was a promise.

I was close to doing a live feed and update on-air when I was at the stick-on. It didn’t happen.

I won’t forget the Acquaintance party in Alchemy! So much dancing, booze (not for me) and pretty girls.

ONDOY- Who won’t forget that name? I and 3 of my friends were heck close to being washed away in EDSA by the typhoon, I thank God we were able to make it home safe, I pray for those who were killed.

I sang on national radio. That’s something memorable for me.

I trash-blogged my friend, I regret doing that. I’m thankful that we’re okay now.

I watched a movie alone! It was a different experience for me, it made me tear up. The Time Traveler’s Wife is a movie I won’t forget. I and my bestfriend watched This Is It and after that we watched another movie in SM! It was fuuuuuun.

I do hope that next year will be as great, because we could only hope for something better. We are just waiting right now for our VISA and then we’re good to leave, after my kuya graduates from college. It’s going to be awesome.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Try Sleeping With A Broken Heart.


Always loved Alicia Keys. Get a copy of her album, The Element of Freedom. I just did.

Christmas Parties

Okay, so since I started college last year, I never had the chance to go to christmas parties anymore, probably because of the busy schedule we all have and whatnot. I miss receiving gifts, and giving them of course, and like I also miss that happy feeling that Christmas brings in all of us. I miss bringing and eating food and taking some home if i really wanted to, I miss the smile on my friends' faces and yeah I miss everything.

So what happened yesterday was a throwback kind of thing, we celebrated my friend's 18th birthday and also we had our little Christmas party in...LUNETA! You read that right! it's been waaaay too long since I set foot there, maybe I was 4 then when we first went. I was ecstatic when I found out that we will be having it there. So we had our own kris kringle, we ate, we took pictures and we gave other kids food, I think that's very compassionate of my friends. This party made our friendship a whole lot stronger. Thank you God:)

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Things I want for Christmas.

I'm separating my personal wishes list from the material things I want. Here they are.

  • Macbook Pro (wishful thinking)
  • A black sweatshirt/ hoodie
  • New shoes (NIKE AIR)
  • 16GB IPod Nano
  • Dazed and Confused shirts

Friday, December 04, 2009

New slate.

So my friends and I settled what we have been feeling a while ago at school. It was really nice that you know, we managed to overcome something that we couldn’t control- MISUNDERSTANDINGS. To tell you honestly I didn’t want our group to ever be dissolved cause first, we have built trusts with each other and second, we had time to accept each and everyone for who we are no matter how different we seem from each other. WE LOVE. I think that we have a strong friendship.

I deleted my last entry about my friend, I felt so bad because I didn’t think she’ll read it. Some person managed to let her read it, I dunno why, maybe that person hates my guts for writing what I feel but either way I’ll just leave it to karma. I am happy that even though she read it, she still didn’t think differently of me, I told her that clearly I wasn’t thinking about our friendship when I wrote it and I apologized for posting a blog about her. I really do hope everything’s okay with us, and with our group. Lesson learned- THINK BEFORE YOU ACT. That one goes out not just to me but to everyone who had been in the same situation. Thank you Lord for letting us work this out.

Nothing can tear our friendship apart.