Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bring us back to happy Christmas days.

I have not imagined waiting for Christmas to be this lonely. I admit, I'm looking forward to Christmas, because apparently, the one we're having this year is a white one. I have to say that I REALLY (and I mean that in the most striking way) miss spending Christmas in the Philippines...Im not just saying that because I haven't spent one here but I know myself, and what I want is a Pinoy Christmas. Bring us back, please?

By this time of year, we're already shopping over at Divisoria, or maybe at some mall that has pretty much a holiday sale...even though the prices are still high, it's perfectly fine because we know that after that, money will go back. By this time of year, I'm pretty sure I'm already getting excited for Christmas, it's wasn't like because I'm gonna get presents and whatnot but it's because the Holidays are always that time of the year where everyone needs to be happy. Did I mention my grandmother celebrates her birthday same as the Lord Jesus Christ? I never thought I'd be this sensitive about this matter.

Next year maybe? I'm not sure. Please Lord, give us all the means to make that wish of mine happen.